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4-8 oktober 2018

Relax, Recharge & Recreate with Yoga, ACT & Mindfullness in Amorgos, Greece, October 4-8 2018

Give yourself a time-out to unwind, be inspired and get fresh insights before the winter sets in!
Time to slow down, to come to your senses and find freedom in body and mind. Yoga and mindfulness help us to relax, to cultivate awareness of the body-mind structure and to explore our comfort zones.
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) gives us the tools to find our core values and motivation to create a fulfilling life.
Amorgos supports us with her presence of beauty, laid-back atmosphere, sun, sandy beaches and turquoise water.
During these five days we will mainly work practically together. We will use exercises, techniques and practices to come to a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves, to find our core values and commit to actions that will further our goals and attempts to live a life we can stand for. Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation exercises are entwined in the training sessions.
This retreat is for you if you:

  • need a break from your everyday life
  • want to rethink your life situation and find your core values
  • are looking for ways to relax and not become overwhelmed by the activities of the mind
  • want to learn to cope better with challenges and stressful situations
  • want to explore how Yoga and Mindfulness can enhance the quality of your life

We are two experienced facilitators and we will take a maximum of 14 participants so we can adapt the program individually.
The schedule
11.00-14.00: Yoga, icebreakers, houserules and starting up
09.00 Mindfulness & Yoga
10.00 Breakfast in Celini
11.00-14.00 Training
Free time
18.00-20.00 Training
MONDAY the course ends at 14.00
Monday 14.00 Lunch together
Outside the program you have the possibility to enjoy beach life, diving, hiking, rock climbing, clay work, massage, more yoga, good food or just relax and enjoy the Greek hospitality.
We do recommend that you arrive at least a day early and preferably that you also stay on for a day or two, or more if you can of course. It takes some time to land and ground yourself and to get used to the special Amorgos atmosphere. After the retreat it is nice to have some time to allow the work you will do during the training to sink in.
Who we are:

Karin Oscarson, meditation teacher since 1998, Yoga teacher since 2008 and massage therapist since early 90’s. She trained in SFBT (solution focused brief therapy) 2013. Karin lives since 25 years on Amorgos and is owner and founder of the IRIS yoga& massage studio and partner in Celini restaurant.
More about Karin:
phone: +30-6934984775
Niklas Waitong, Senior Supervisor at Vision HVB, Östersund with more than 30 years of experience from different forms of treatment and leadership. He has been working with leadership training since 1984, troubled youth and families since 1990, systemic family therapy, SFBT and CBT since early nineties, FIT since 2006 and ACT since 2010.
More about Niklas:
Karin and Niklas are good friends since the 80’s and have off and on worked together in different projects. In this project they are combining Niklas’s treatment skills with Karin’s yoga & mindfulness experience to create a dynamic and profound combo retreat on their favourite island – Amorgos.
370€ including all training, study material, breakfasts and closing lunch.
10% discount if you are two or more.
Payment and registration to:
Karin Oscarson,, registration fee 100€ to “Kinsep IRIS”,
bank account: IBAN: GR24 0171 5870 0065 8713 9451 271 BIC: PIRBGRAA.
Or Swish to Niklas Waitong 0705401168
Don’t forget to tell us from whom and for what. If you want an invoice let us know. The rest of the fee is to be paid on arrival. Last day to register is September 15.
We will give out diploma and a study certificate so in most countries the retreat is likely to be tax deductible.
Travel: Flight to Athens. From the airport bus or a taxi to Piraeus harbour. From there ferries go to Amorgos every day except Saturday, at 17.30. Amorgos has two ports, Aegiali and Katapola. We are in Aegiali but the hotel bus will pick you up wherever you arrive.
Accommodation: Hotel is not included in the price but we have an arrangement with Askas pension and can reserve a room for you there. The price is 240€ for six nights for a double room or 180€ for single room. If you like to extend your stay before or after the retreat, that is of course possible, just let us know. If you prefer to arrange your accommodation on your own this is also no problem.
Food: Breakfast Thursday to Monday and lunch the last day are included in the retreat price and will be served in Celini restaurant just below IRIS yoga & massage studio in the same building. There are a few other restaurants in the area that you can explore during your free time.
Some of our friends on Amorgos:
More information about Amorgos and travels:  
“Get out of your mind and into your life!”
Steven Hayes

Datum: 4-8 oktober 2018
Pris: 3.450:- exklusive moms. Pris inklusive kurs, kursmaterial, frukost, lunch och avslutningsmiddag. 10 % om ni är fler än två, 500 kr i rabatt till Vision HVBs anställda och samarbetspartners. Resa och boende ingår inte i kurspriset.
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Relax, Recharge & Recreate with Yoga, ACT & Mindfullness på Amorgos i Grekland.

4-8 oktober 2018


För frågor kontakta utbildningsansvarige: 
Niklas Waitong // Vision HVB 
070-540 11 68

Hitta hit:
Retreaten är i Iris Studio på den grekiska ön Amorgos. På Iris hemsida finns resebeskrivning.